WA3WSJ's  eBook Formats
Unique Communication Books
WA3WSJ Wutz Publishing was established to provide the amateur radio portable operator and all other hams with interesting books.
WA3WSJ's Kindle Place was created to fill a need among amateurs.  Many hams own Kindles and I hope they enjoy my Kindle eBooks.  My hope is that you'll enjoy my eBooks and get out there in the great outdoors to enjoy life! 
If you're not sure which format to use, read below!

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PRC:  Product Representation Compact Files

This highly compressed format facilitates the storage of different representations of a 3D model. Please look below to view what will read my .prc files.

Mac OS  Amazon Kindle for Mac
Geometer Plus FBReader info
Windows  Amazon Kindle for PC 
Mobipocket Reader Desktop 
Geometer Plus FBReader 
Cool Reader 
MBP reader 
Linux  Geometer Plus FBReader
Cool Reader 
MBP reader 
Android  Cool Reader
Palm Desktop 
Windows  Palm Desktop
Adobe Acrobat X Pro
Windows  Adobe Acrobat X Pro

ePub Format can be read  by:

Kobo eReader
Blackberry Playbook
Apple's iBooks app running on iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Barnes and Noble Nook
Sony Reader
Bookeen Cybook Gen3 (with firmware v. 2 and up)
Adobe Digital Editions
Lexcycle Stanza
Moon+ Reader and WordPlayer on Android
Freda on Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7
Mozilla Firefox add-on EPUBReader and Okular